No matter if you sell hundreds or hundreds of thousands SKU’s your goal is to reduce overstock and out-of-stock situations from day 1. That is the essence of what Smartstock does.

Smartstock is an easy to use solution that harness machine learning and artificial intelligence models to generate high quality demand forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations. It is a highly scalable cloud based service that delivers rapid payback and generates unprecedented ROI.

How does Smartstock earn money for you?

In current business environment everything changes and changes fast. Approach based on One Size fits All does not work. That is why we use machine learning to analyze your data every time you upload them in order to choose the best demand forecast model for each of your SKU. Our inventory optimization models ensure that your Service Levels targets are met with the lowest possible inventory levels. That reduces your overstock and out-of-stock risks which translates to more profits.

How does Smartstock save money for you?

Typical planning solutions require a lot of time to set-up parameters and run scenarios in order to meet your expectations and goals. Other possibility is to hire data scientist to analyze your data. Smartstock AI & ML driven capabilities do it all. Thanks to that your planners gain time which allows them to focus on exceptions i.e. potential risks of overstock and out-of-stock alerted by our solution in advance. Hence, you save time of your people as well as additional cost connected with reactive problem solving.

It’s easy. It’s powerful.

You do not have to spend months on implementation to start using advanced demand forecasting and inventory optimization solution. In fact you can start benefiting it from the day 1. The operation of our solution can be illustrated in 3 easy steps: 1. Upload your sales and inventory data, 2. Analyze demand forecasting and replenishment recommendations as well as alerts, 3. Export the results.