Business Benefits Calculator

No matter if you sell hundreds or hundreds of thousands SKU’s your goal is to reduce overstock and out-of-stock situations from day one. That is the essence of what Smartstock does.

How does Smartstock earn money for you?

Every time you upload your data to our solution we use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze it in order to choose the best demand forecast model for each of your SKU. Then our algorithm chooses replenishment optimization model to ensure that your Service Levels targets are met with the lowest possible inventory level. That reduces your overstock and out-of-stock risks which translates to more profits.

How does Smartstock save money for you?

Demand forecasts and replenishment recommendations done in spreadsheets like Excel require a lot of time to prepare, cleanse, analyse and calculate data. Smartstock built-in AI & ML capabilities do it automatically. Thanks to that your planners gain time which allows them to focus on exceptions alerted by our solution in advance. Hence, you save time of your people as well as additional cost connected with reactive problem solving.