A complete solution for inventory optimization

SMARTSTOCK will provide you with the information what items you need to order at the right time. Taking into account the demand in subsequent periods, delivery times, stock level and logistic restrictions will improve the availability of goods and reduce the risk of losing sales. At the same time, you will avoid excessive stock and freezing working capital.

Automate process and focus on exceptions only

Analyzing a wide portfolio of items and taking decision on what to buy based on many systems and sheets requires a lot of time and effort. SMARTSTOCK automates the process of generating forecasts and purchase recommendations as well as offers a set of alerts notifying about situations that requires special attention i.e. out-of-stock and overstock risks.

Run your business better then you competitors

Our inventory optimization solution uses advanced algorithms to calculate optimal replenishment orders including constraints in supply chain and Service Level. Thanks to this, your business decisions will be more accurate, your costs will be lower, and sales and margin will increase. Your company will be able to grow faster than your competition.

Optimize your safety stock

Decisions about safety stock levels should always be adapted to current demand behavior, their volatility and your business goals. Controlling this process manually is very tedious and leads to suboptimal decisions. Our machine learning dynamically calculates the statistical safety stock in connection to service levels assigned to each of your products in each location. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and overtock situations. Your customers are more satisfied and your revenues and profits grow.

Protect yourself against seasonal limitations on goods availability

Seasonal increases in demand cause temporary limitations in the availability of goods due to the fact that your suppliers’ capacity is at maximum usage. If you do not want to lose customers, then it is certainly worth considering to build seasonal stock in advance. Our solution will help you in this task by generating anticipatory stock recommendations, so that you can successfully provide your customers with the goods they need in the season.

Include expert knowledge in decisions

The economic environment is very dynamic, and your clients’ past behavior patterns may change due to unexpected events. In such situations, statistical demand forecasts may not be accurate. If your competitor has closed the business periodically, or you have just acquired a new, large customer, then you can enter such knowledge into our system in the form of your own forecast and correct the calculated statistical demand forecast. Our inventory optimization mechanism will take this information into account when generating replenishment recommendations.