1. Standard Technical Support enables Customer (its End Users’) to report problems in a Contact Form, as described in the Product Documentation or via e-mail: support@smartstock.cloud.

2. Problem reports shall be forwarded to a Technical Support Consultant. The consultant will work with the End User to identify and solve the problem. However, in order to solve the problem faster, the notification should include:
a. subject line clearly indicating the problem;
b. time of occurrence of the problem noticed by the Customer;
c. description of the steps taken to initially diagnose the problem;
d. description of the problem, containing the circumstances and place of its occurrence;
e. if possible, the content of messages and screenshots illustrating the problem;
f. expectations, inf any, in terms of solution implementation.

3. A problem reported by the Customer is considered closed when the consultant and the Customer agree that a satisfactory solution has been found. In the event that the Technical Support Consultant waits for a reply from the Customer and two (2) weeks have passed without any communication from the Customer whatsoever, the Technical Support Consultant shall make two (2) attempts to contact the Customer. If the attempts produce no result, the Consultant shall close the problem, which shall then be deemed solved.

4. If it is necessary to supplement the problem report or clarify additional circumstances related to services provided to Smartstock by entities for which Smartstock is not responsible or act on the behest of Smartstock as its subcontractors, e.g. the Cloud Operator, Smartstock shall, in shortest possible time, send the Customer information that the Customer needs to supplement its report or clarify these circumstances.

5. The Technical Support Consultant shall be on duty during Smarstock business hours, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on business days, i.e. from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Poland. The Customer may send problem reports 24/7. The Technical Support Consultant shall be trying to solve problems in the shortest possible time. To systematize the expected response time to a reported problem, the following standards are set to determine the procedure for resolving the problem. The reported problems shall be grouped according to their severity status.

a. Access to the Product does not work and no remedy has been found to avoid the problem; a significant number of users are affected by system downtime. Response time upon notification: 16 hours.
b. The Product component does not work, which has a significant impact on the operations. Response time upon notification: 24 hours.
c. The Product component does not operate in accordance with the Product Documentation, but a substitute solution can be found. The problem has medium to low impact on operations. Response time upon notification: 4 days.
d. Functional questions, documentation clarifications. Response time upon notification: 7 days.
e. Suggestions, questions about new properties and improvements of products. Response time upon notification: 14 days.

Response time means the maximum time for a technical support consultant to respond to a reported problem, i.e. the period of time that the consultant will need to acknowledge the problem and start solving it. Applies to business hours, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Poland.